UBIQE, as a derivation, means “everywhere”. Design is everywhere and it is for everyone. We, as people, design our relationships, habits, products, and spaces very carefully: sometimes to enjoy and survive, and to create the new, at other times to gain or remain in power. I write and design to progress and connect. In design I join your journey!

My novels are about characters who take a look at themselves and their surroundings, see and feel what they can create and share, and who go ahead and do it: They dismantle their cultural forms, seek the words to describe them and build up the fights and encounters that will shape their future.
H.E. Haarmann


UBIQE_Autorin_03NÉNUVAR, dt., Roman 2014, 500 Seiten ap
eBook ISBN 978-3-00-041172-4

SVELTIN CLOWN, dt., Roman 2010, 300 Seiten ap
eBook ISBN 978-3-00-041171-7

GERMANE, dt., Roman 2007, 420 Seiten ap
wird nicht veröffentlicht

FARCE BLONDE, dt., Roman 2004, 480 Seiten ap (average print)
erste Fassung von Nénuvar

Bild: Luxembourg, 2014 © Anja Engelke



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