UBIQE, as a derivation, means “everywhere”. Design is everywhere and it is for everyone. We, as people, design our relationships, habits, products, and spaces very carefully: sometimes to enjoy and survive, and to create the new, at other times to gain or remain in power. I write and design to progress and connect. In design I join your journey!

My novels are about characters who take a look at themselves and their surroundings, see and feel what they can create and share, and who go ahead and do it: They dismantle their cultural forms, seek the words to describe them and build up the fights and encounters that will shape their future.
H.E. Haarmann


NÉNUVAR, dt., Roman 2014, 500 Seiten ap
eBook ISBN 978-3-00-041172-4

SVELTIN CLOWN, dt., Roman 2010, 300 Seiten ap
eBook ISBN 978-3-00-041171-7

GERMANE, dt., Roman 2007, 420 Seiten ap
wird nicht veröffentlicht

FARCE BLONDE, dt., Roman 2004, 480 Seiten ap (average print)
erste Fassung von Nénuvar

Bild: Luxembourg, 2014 © Anja Engelke



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